recently i tried out the Kustom Double Barrel 30W 212
i really liked the sound
i know its only 30watts,,,, but it has 2x12 in it? wouldnt that make a difference

how would it stand against another guitarist with a peavey bandit (80w)

please and thanks you
It will probly blow that amp out of the watter in sound quality and volume.

Its a tube amp.

30 watt tube amps are loud, i wouldnt get anything more than 30 watts, to ****ing loud if you ask me.
It will hold up fine. The Peavey Bandit is quite loud for a SS amp but it equates to between 30 and 50 watts tube by the sound of it. The other guitarist in my last band had one and it competed with my Classic 50 just fine.


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I have one of those Bandits. They are ****ing loud. the Kustom is a SS amp looking at the wiring schematic. I doubt the other guitarist even cranks that bandit up. You would probably be just fine.
what do you mean you dont think he cranks it up

he plays it loud enough for his parents to hear it from across the lake ((and its a big lake))

and how do you guys think this would stand up to the average drummer??
Mine is the original but hell yes, it would drown out all but a real heavy handed drummer.

I've got a couple of Peavey amps for sale, if your interested. Maybe I could make you a deal on something.
okay your saying that this

30WATT 212 will be loud enough to drown out a drummer

I cant find anything saying its tube? how does that work?
I never said it was tube. Also you have 2 12" speakers so you move more air.

The manaul says its only 50 - 85 db. I find that hard to believe a my little 15w Vypyr with an 8 in speaker is just a hair over 100 db. at full volume, this is a real test with my DB meter9 inches from the speaker and at full volume.

Manual is here

so do you think it will work for me

for playing with my friend(using the Bandit) Or against a drummer
o do you think it will work for me

for playing with my friend(using the Bandit) Or against a drummer

(sorry to bump again but im considering getting it this weekend
can nobody answer this?
like i know its only 30w SS, but its got 2 12s...

would that stand up to a drummer and guitarist?

(im sorry but i really need to know!!)