Right I'm somewhat testing the waters here, I'm going to be selling my epi Les Paul soon, in case anyone's interested it's a Les Paul Extreme from the Nuclear Collection limited edition, black/white crackly with EMG 81&89 in. It's been my main drop tuned guitar for a while now but looking for something with a locking trem on. The main things I'm interested in are

BC Rich Mockingbird with locking trem
Fullsize Flying V with locking trem

I'm in the UK and my max price would be around the £250-300 but it'd most likely be after Christmas when i can sell my les paul.

If you've got anything else in the UK i'd be open to ideas but nothing too METAL!
Anything out there?
i have a crafter crown dx in metallic red.
it has a very decent trem on it and stays in tune perfectly

im only looking for £100 shipped as i dont use it EVER, have like 13 guitars.

could do with a new set of strings, but its a nice guitar
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Thinking of a BC Rich but nothing too METAL?!

i think they call those oxymorons.
My Jackson is $250 USD. Maybe with customs/etc. fees it'll come to be about the same? S'got the trem, dual buckers, etc.
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Thinking of selling my Ibanez RG 350DX, prob nto what you are lookin for, but ya never know :P
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