What is the difference in quality between a multi-effects pedal and a single effect pedal?
Of course it would be drastic difference if you were comparing low end models to high end, but lets say comparing a boss ME-50 to boss' single effect pedals.
well with multi effects you kill many birds with one $200 stone but the quality of some of its effects can be less desireable
with single effects you can pick and chose each pedal for your likeness but who knows the stuff on a multi effects may just suit your taste
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Well, the short end of it is this... With a single effects pedal, you only have to use one cord, one connection, where a whole bunch of little single effects pedals uses alot more connections, which in the end can destroy tone, and each pedal can have a different impedence causing you a whole bunch of trouble, which you don't have to worry about with a multi effects pedal, though sometimes they can limit how many effects you can have going at once, which doesn't happen with a whole bunch of single ones...