Ok, I'd like to get UG's opinion on a couple different aspects of my band.

1st- Critique our songs we have posted.
2nd- Let me know what you think of our logo (it's our background on myspace)

Go here to check us out.


Thanks alot UG!!!
1- Bleeding Through - like the vocals a lot. Like Metallica meets, uh...can't place it but it works- motorhead? I like it, made me bang my head.
2-Mutual Destruction- too much going on at once or the two (think it's two) guitars in the front sound too close together. Move up or down a step on one. Vocals are meh.
3-Take what's yours- Vocals are meh again. Man, the first song had me waiting for more, then the next two are a little flat. Nice guitar work on this one, best of the three. Solo is in key and on point for the whole bit. Nice work!

Sounds like your voice is tired in the # 2 and # 3 songs? Was it the end of a long day. This first song is much more punchy, MUCH better.

Overall nice, I'd go pay to hear you play somewhere, so it's good!

Logo is ok, but how much can you do with a logo anyway!
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Bleeding through was much better than the others, but the transition at 27-28 sec sounded a litle...off.... to me. Try cleaning it up a bit. It sounded a lot like Metallica, love it =D

The other two are lacking, work on vocals mostly.
Yeah, i completely get what you're saying about the vocals, and honestly, i'm no singer. I'm just doing it because there are no vocalists where i live haha. So I'm pulling a James Hetfield. But thanks for the crit.