im still looking at a bass to buy, so how does this one look


i know ill have the money for it after i sell my P-Bass and SG

also i can't really go try it out cuz all the music stores around here never have any 5-strings in stock to play

so could anyone tell me how good of a bass this is for playing metal and anything else about it
i tried a traben array 5-string and I actually liked it. I expected not to because i thought the bridge was all about looks but they do have a nice tone, especially for metal. if you can try a 4-string array you can at least get an idea of what kind of tone you'll get out of it.
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I'm very fond of Traben. They feel very similar to Ibanez basses, and the tone they have is just awesome. Excellent basses, especially for what you pay.
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