List em ill start out

Master of Puppets - Metallica
Glasgow Kiss - Petrucci
Reflect the Sun - In Flames
Vicarious - Tool
Raining Blood - Slayer
There's that MAB song speed kills.
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TS, your avatar is awesome.

however, I can't think of anyway to contribute to your thread.

Maybe, White Knuckles - Alter Bridge?
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how is raining blood melodic?
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Yngwie - Overture 1622
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White Noise/Black Silence ~ Dark Tranquility
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White Noise/Black Silence ~ Dark Tranquility

I would go with The Treason Wall seeing as it's from the same album, and Master of Puppets is not melodic, at least not until the 1st solo.

I'm gonna go with Arsis- The Face of my Innocence.
Some of the new Trivium stuff, Into the Mouth of hell, Down from the sky, etc.

Anything Dream theater for melodic.
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to respond to your other thread... Your avatar is awesome!

Pretty much any song by Iron Maiden i think.
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Mana ~ Equilibrium

...just for it's sheer epic-ness.
"Ultimate"-Guitar is the worst website on the internet. Polluted with unintelligent mongoloids.
I'd have to say most of the new All Shall Perish, the Awaken the Dreamers album.
the ending riff in ants of the sky, wich is also played early in the song but dont know exactly when so is easier to say the ending riff
A lot of stuff from Trivium's new record. Particularly the acoustic section from Shogun, (does anyone else notice a similarity between that and Wonderboy by the D?) and Into the Mouth of Hell We March. There's a hell of a lot of other riffs by a hell of a lot of other bands.
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Fall of Troy - I just got this symphony goin', introverting dimensions, a strange conversation, a man a plan a canal panama, sledgehammer, enter the black demon, nostalgic mannerisms, the walls bled lust, FCPREMIX
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but how do i know trivium didnt steal the riffs?

you could easily say that about any band. Throughout history, musical ideas have been recycled again and again, and it's impossible to tell who the first artist with that idea was. Different musicians may stumble upon the same exact ideas, without even knowing it, so it is impossible to tell when somebody "stole" a riff.
soothsayer or carpal tunnel slug by buchethead. or king james or exit 209. or pretty much any buckethead song.
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