Hey all, I've been attempting to work with this singer who comes from a jazz/blues/acoustic guitar kinda background and at times I find it hard to work with him, coming from a heavier background. I would have given up on him altogether had he not sang a rough demo on two of my happier tracks that actually came out ok.

I'm looking for crits on these tracks: Bipolar w/ Vocals and Driving Through w/ Vocals. Do you like them as a whole?


Should I keep this guy? Do u guys think he's good? At times I don't think he captures the essence of what I want things to sound like, but at the same time I have no idea how to do it better so I'm wondering if I'm being picky. I don't know what to do!
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I love the "Bipolar" song, the singer isnt the best in the world. But if you find someone that fits more of your style that works better with you than use him.
i agree with Batts117. your singer doesn't really fit your style but other than that those songs are good.
he sound pretty good, a few changes to the melody would make it better.
deffinitely would work better with a softer overall sound. especially in bipolar
He sounds good on some parts, but on some parts he sounds rough. Mainly going for the high notes he has to work on. By the way, those two songs are awesome sounding. lol at the lyrics of bipolar.

Could you help with the singing in my song? Im debating whether or not to keep it
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Keep him if you want to do Weezer covers. If not don't. You wan't someone who sounds like Jane's Addiction's singer. That'd sound good with ur shizzle.

Got loads of songs on my profile if you want to check them out.
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all i listened to was bipolar and i thought it was pretty damn good, although he may not fit your style kick him over my way he fits mine pretty damn good
I may have found a new singer, I'll post something as soon as I have a sample of his voice.
^good - I just stuck bipolar on my headphones cos the kids are in bed and yelled 'mother of God' when the chorus came in and woke them up

He's as flat as a pancake and cant hold the notes.

Talentless git - sack him

Like your stuff tho, and I don't normally like metal