If I stretch my vocal cords (sp?) like you do when you talk real deep, will my voice be deeper? And also the same only with tightening it up?

And how can I make my voice so powerful like Bradley Nowell in Santeria (when he says he'll slap her down) and John Fogerty (on most of their stuff).

And finally, how can I get my voice more growly and not so pretty sounding?

Thanks in advance.
Check out my music, if you please.
Ive had issues with a STRONG sound when Im singing in choir. Its all about air and taking a good breath, and finding how YOU get up to the high notes. Takes alot of practice. I usually have to relearn how to sing high after summer. (Im a low bass, constantly given tenor parts)
practice makes perfect! you have the voice you are given. better learn what genres you can and can't do.
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