Searched and couldn't find anything.

I just bought Metalocalypse Season 2 on dvd. I ripped it to my computer and the files are way bigger than Season 1. All of the files are AVI. My folder for Season 1 is like 1.8 GB, and Season 2 is like 3.5 GB. I got Season 1 from a friend and he says he got them as torrents. Anywho, is there any way to make the Season 2 files smaller without changing the file type?

I have a Mac btw, so no "Windows Movie Maker" responses please.
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since you're on mac, I reccomend video converter

it changes the file type, but it makes it itunes/quicktime file type, which is what you'll likely want

it keeps the same quality if you set the settings on optimal, but it'll make your file size much smaller.
try ripping it at lower quality settings, torrents are almost never DVD quality.
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