I didn't exactly know where to put this, so i thought i'd try the pit.

So I have a very common musical condition where while playing bass, i think of a tight riff, i go along with it for a while, and end up forgetting it, leaving it to be forever lost in a mental sea of porn and drugs.

I told my bass teacher this problem and he recommended that I get a digital recorder and whenever i'm just jamming with myself, record everything in case i make a riff i like.

So basically my question is if anyone can recommend a cheap, decent quality digital recorder that'll get the job done.

Thanks in advance.
Check out the Zoom H2. Portable, cheap, easy to use, and it has great internal mics. I've made some really nice sounding recordings with it.
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I just use a microcassete recorder for spontaneous ideas, and my computer for quality stuff, unless you plan on doing professional field recordings, digital recorders are a ripoff IMO.
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