Me and my friend were going through stuff in his grandfather's atic and we came across 2 peavey guitars, a nitro and a razor, I couldnt find much information on them so does anybody know anything about either of these guitars?
i'd assume they're of somewhat high quality. my guitar is a late 80's peavey impact. plays great, has excellent hardware, etc.

if i were you i'd try checking out peavey's website. they have manuals for a lot of their discontinued guitars. i don't remember where exactly on the site, but you should probably be able to search for the guitar's manual?

EDIT: found you some links:

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thanks much for the links, I've found out the nitro is a Nitro III custom and from what I can gather I gota fantastic deal for $139. Kahler FR, basswood body(I think) HSS, It actually sounds really great, it's really loud