I just cant do it, I can come up with tons of depressive stuff, but I cant come up with good upbeat stuff that isnt outright cheesy.

I dont wanna sound like all the modern depressive stuff thats all around us, if I write metal, I want it to be dark but upbeat, if Im writing rock I want it to be happy.

I just cant get out of this rut. I used to have so much inspiration to write poetry and such, but its all dried up now, and no matter what I do I cant seem to get it back -- especially if I dont want what Im writing to be all depressive like.

any suggestions?

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Well, you should really pause for a moment and think about everything that's around you, what makes you happy. Hey, if it's your dog (Supposing you have a dog) write about the emotional value that your dog has on your life. Just sit back and decompose every aspect that brings joy to you