I couldnt resist.

This may end up being more of franken-bass than anything. I already have an extra neck lying around that I defreted and and extra bridge that was on my squier. I'm going to get a GFS MM style Humbucker .

As far as the body goes I'm heading down to my local lumber yard on monday to see if I can find some kind of exotic wood for the body since besides the electronics, the body is the only thing I have to spend money on. If I cant get a good deal on something exotic I'll probably use Ash. The knobs are going to be beer bottle caps

as soon as I get started I'll get some pics up

Body Design
I'm going to make a J body template, but the horns will be more pointy maybe like a RG but in bass form. Possbly even a JEM style handle. I've drawn out a few designs and as soon as I can get to a camera I'll put them up

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Good luck man, hope you find some decent lumber.

Anything particular in mind?
maybe some bubinga or zebrawood. I've thought about even doing a quilted or flamed maple whole body becasue I dont think I've ever seen something like that
oil finish most definitely, I wouldnt want to cover up something with a grain that nice
Triple J pup? niiiice. I've been trying to think of any mainstream basses with that set up, I can only think of the Warwick Vampyre.

I think sticking with the J bass body will look best, quilted maple on a Jazz *drools*

Neck De-fretted

It's finals week so I really should be studying so I'll be doing some more stuff on saturday and Ill try to get some pics up then

I'm going to start working on how I'm going to do the wiring. For my custom pickup I might wire a on/of switch for it(just in case the tone isnt particuarly good).

If anybody has any other ideas give em to me, I want to make this as out of the box as I can
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If anybody has any other ideas give em to me, I want to make this as out of the box as I can

A homemade D-Tuner/Xtender key, Graphite pickguard, Series/parallel switch, headless, LEDs lighting the outside of the knobs. Meh that's all I can think of. I'll give you links to everything i've mentioned.


Graphite pickguard.

Series/parallel switch

LEDs around the volume and tone knobs.

Today I filled the fret gaps with a mix of epoxy and woodfiller, and it seems to have turned out nicely. Fretboard has been poly'd and the back has been danish oil'd and tuners have been put back in.

This just some scrap pine I had lying around, I'm gonna do some pratice cutting and routing on this, since I've never done any woodworking like this before
I've finally decided on a body shape and hopefuly my brother will bring me my jig saw and router so I can cut out the plywood tomorrow for the template. I think the JEM handle will be a nice touch.

The body wood is going to be Quilted maple top and a Alder back
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if i were making that body i'd think about beefing up the amount of wood around that monkey grip, just looks like its a bit slim there, although i could be wrong. defretting looks like it went off without a hitch, nicely done! looking forward to seeing some more progress
Looking good man! Love the shape, looks great! The right horn's curves look just a little off, easy fix though
Oh yeah, I got wood. I got 20 board feet of purpleheart today, that should be enough to make 2 or three guitars out of and that makes me very excited. It's 8 feet long 14 in wide and 2 in thick, it is effing huge and weighs a ton

Crappy phone camera pictures they dont do it justice it is a beautiful piece of wood, ill get some better ones tomorrow when I start working on it in the light.

Ok I started to do some work on the body today, since I have no band saw a combo of circular saw, scroll saw and belt sander seem to be working out quite nicely.

(again crappy phone camera pictures)

No it's just the camera

here's a better picture

I am making some progress but I broke 4 scroll saw blades and I think I'm done until tomorrow
TBH I hate that shape and would personally burn it at first sight in real life....and I can't stand the vai grip....

But it nice to see people building guitars and getting on with it, good luck and hope it turns out great!

Ps: we need more fretlesses in this world !
I was gonna say that thing'll probably neck dive, but seeing as it's purple heart, you'll probably be okay.

where do you buy purple heart? i was planning on making a guitar...
MoleMania: to each his own I guess, and we dont just need more fretlesses in the world we need more basses! Bassitst do make the world go round!

deftonesordie: I was worried about that too at first but I think I may take some off the left horn and with proper strap button placement it should be fine.

shiroun: I just went to my local wholesale lumber yard and they had all kinds of crazy stuff there, I saw a huge piece of purpleheart and bought it . I got an amazing deal on it too 20 board feet for 75 dollars

ok I've got my body cut out, shaped, and sanded. the grain looks amazing btw. I have run into a problem, my router dosent seem to want to work so I'll get back on it when I can borrow a router from friend.