I just bought a nice little strat copy off craigslist for $45 but i can't seem to figure out what brand it is. It's got a 50's style fender headstock with cheapo tuners The poles on the pickups are like spiraly on top and the pickups are ceramic. The heel of the neck has an 8 penciled on it. And the final strange thing is that the back plate is slightly recessed around the string holes. Any ideas? im thinkin squier but there's no logo.

oh ya, also the strap buttons are kinda like t shaped instead of the usual like hourglass shape.
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Yeah pics would defintley help in this situation actually they are probably vital to identifying it
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What's odd about the backplate?

But yeah, that's a good-looking copy...except for the logo and the headstock, I probably wouldn't notice any differences (appearance-wise at least). Tuners look exactly like my Squier Strat's tuners, not sure if the Fender ones are like that though.

Are those jumbo frets, or is it just the lighting?
a friend of mine has a guitar that looks just like that, his is a yamaha, that might be what it is
I think it's a 70's-80's japanese copy. I've got an ibanez one of them, great guitar. The headstock looks like it's been chopped, to be honest.
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It's definately a cheap no name strat copy, not sure of the brand the swirly marks on the tops of the pole on the pups are tooling marks from the machining process. Better pup manufacturers will clean that up. $45.00 for a working guitar isn't bad especially if you like the way it plays and sounds. I would bet brand new it cost between $99.00 and $129.00. The 8 penciled in is probably the guy who inspected it before it was boxed up. I see a lot of these on Craigs list especially during the holidays I think people buy a wholesale lot cheap and try and make a few bucks they leave the headstock blank so who ever buys them can stamp a name on them if they wish.

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a friend of mine has a guitar that looks just like that, his is a yamaha, that might be what it is

The Yamaha Pacifica has a humbucker, the input is on the side of the guitar, has two knobs, 22 frets and a different headstock
no dude i had this guitar, its ****, mine was red and white and the exact same specs as yours.(first guitar, 75 for both amp and axe) bought it in a mall in a store that only sold these guitars, motorcycle helmets, and neon lights lmao anyways the man told me the company is called Nimworth and ther in kentucky. weird i know;P
It's just a no name, brandless strat copy.

It could be made by anyone, or any number of companies..
I think if you put a Fender up against this guitar you'll find the HS is just a bit different than an actual Fender HS. All they need to do is change one liitle detail and it's not really copying.