When you guys or girls open up your powertab software or guitar pro, do you just get to tabbing, or do you like to sit down with your guitar and your amp tuned low with a nice cold cola on your desk and get to work that way? I have yet to create a song and I just dont know which way I should do it. I dont wanna tab something out that I have to take time to learn other than tab something out that kinda feels natural and I could play rather well. Just wondering how some of you go about writing your music.
I do it both ways... if i'm just playing around on my guitar and play a sweet riff then I get her down on GPro. And sometimes I just sit with GPro open and randomly write down stuff i think will sound ok. Once you get good enough writing music will be easy and you will know your abilities as a player and can write without your guitar and write decent music.
Well the problem I have is I can write something that sounds good but not play it, or I can play something that sounds good and not write it. I'm horrible at writing time signatures and stuff.
If you know how to count notes do it while you play the riff on guitar slowly.

I usaully count in sixteenths so if it's an 8th it counts for 1 and 2

so if the riff went

8th 16th 8th 16th 16th 16th 8th Quarter 16th 16th It count as

Just play it slow write it down, count it.
i just wanted to ask, i ve been writing a piece of lyrics for quite a while, and ive got tune inside my head, i can sing it.. (i mean i dont sing but the music is in my head) but im unable to tab it onto the guitar.. what should i do?
Salba47 - What about trying to find chords that go with the vocal melody first, and then like. Making it more complex from there? I do that sometimes.
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it depends with me, i might write by just noodling on guitar coming up with something and scribbling it down or i might spend hours obsessing over it and fiddling until i'm happy, or i'll take an existing peice of music and start changing it and writing around that until it's my own composition, it all depends on my mood
I just take a song my band or I just wrote and quickly tab it. the writing is already done and written before I even start on guitar pro.
A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.
I usually play a riff on guitar, and using GPro I build off of it as best I can. Maybe add a cool chugging palm muted rhythm under it, or add a harmony. Something like that. Maybe compliment it's dissonance / conssonance.

Usually tho, it's guitar frist, then modify in Guitar Pro.
Fooling around on my computer, then record it ASAP.
Though some of my soloes I use the scale function in Gpro and just go crazy
Try playing the rhythm of a riff you like, but with other tones. Then change the rhythm.
i usually write songs i can't play!
that's because i write my Guitar pro while i'm at work :p
it's not a bad thing though...it gives me the motivation to develop my techniques as a guitarist