How versatile are DK2 and DK2M's? I know they're built for Hard Rock / Metal but how do they handle cleans? Which model would be more versatile?

well they got some pretty nice SD pups that handle anything pretty well.

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the JB doesn't have good cleans but Jazz does clean up well.
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Extremely well if your amp can handle cleans. The ability to pull of a certain genre of music is more dependent on the amp than the guitar. I can pull some nice clean tones out of the bridge EMG in my Jackson and some sweet metal tones out of the Burstbuckers in my Epiphone.

It's all in the amp.
Thinking about getting a Dinky myself, because they got a left-handed model that's not hard too hard to find. Even though they may be versatile somewhat, I would only get it if you played mostly metal, because you can probably get a guitar that's more fit for multiple music styles for that price range. But if your basic day consists of quite a bit of metal, I would definitely go for it.

Now I'm gonna search the net for a lefty Dinky, lol.
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