Hi I'm new here and pretty new to guitar. I just got really into the whole amp side of playing guitar. Well i have been searching around ,but can't seem to find suggestions on my certain tone question.The question is which way i should go for a distortion . I am looking for that crunchy metal sound like early metallica kill em all era .I know all their sound comes from their amps but I'm currently saving up for a mesa head and just want something to kind of hold me over till I buy it .
I have gone through a couple pedals in the last two weeks. First the digitech death metal because not the right sound i was looking for. Then i thought i might be able to get the sound by piling a boss SD-1 over my marshalls current overdrive. That failed miserably. And I'm basically out of answers. People say the metal zone is good and others say its terrible which kind of shied me away from that. I was looking at proco rat distortion but I'm just not sure. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated
Hmm, I think I see your problem... You're using a solid state MArshall... That's a big nono. And back in early metallica days they used the good ol' JCM800's... Didn't switch to Mesa till Master.
Wish I could afford a Mesa though.. But they're like $5000 over here in Aus (For the dual rectifier atleast)
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if all of the amp setting/combinations don't do it for you, then go to a guitar store and try out all of their pedals on the amp you have and see what one is best. Trial and error is the key to finding your tone.
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I have an old metalzone (mt-2) and I think it's ok. with the right settings it even likeable but I think that has a lot to do with running it through a fender deville, i have a crappy SS amp and the mt sounds really really bad through that, though honestly I think almost anything will sound bad through a SS amp, imo. I'd say give it a try and make up your mind for yourself
I have that amp with a digitech metal master pedal. I could help you out if you got one.
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