I'm learning to play the piano along with the guitar. I'm 3 months into the guitar and just bought my keyboard yesterday. I've already looked up fingerings for the major and minor chords. Does anyone have a suggestion for a beginner? Youtube??

Also, good forums? I found http://www.pianoworld.com/ubb/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi in a search engine. Is that like the ultimate-guitar of piano?

What songs are easy to learn that sound good? I like all types of music.
Learn music theory.
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i do, actually played a bit while beggining with guitar, but i just sucked, a couple of years after that, with music theory knowledge, i progressed a lot
I actually started out on the piano, and I think I'm a better guitarist because of it.
Eddie Van Halen started out playing classical piano In Holland with his dad.

So did Alex Van Halen
If you laugh at this I get to have sex with you.
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Sukman_Jr: Going on a trip to Finmark in Norway is a bad idea aswell! Beware of Nazi-zombies!
Yeah, I play the piano.

I've found it will help with your music theory, as instead of remembering a shape for a scale as such, you will need to learn the sharps and flats.
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I'm learning, and it's really cool because the theory for both really complement each other, and it makes it easier to learn.
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ya, traditionally you learn piano first but whatever, thats not what i did. Not to say that I "play" piano but I'm not helpless with it. I got a keyboard after a couple years of guitar playing and after learning how to build chords. Piano helped me a lot with theory and just music in general.

I suggest you look up chord construction stuff and learn it both on guitar and piano.

Also, learn to play by ear as much as possible, listening is truly the most important thing in music. I usually start with the bass notes then find what's major and what's minor then work out some of the melody/harmony.

Take baby steps, and you'll be able to do all that at once just in your head faster than you'd think.

PM me with your email address and I'll send you a .pdf I have on chord construction.
I've been playing piano since I was 8 and it's helped alot with learning guitar because I know most of the theory.
I think I'm better at guitar though.
I got a keyboard to help with recording and the like, but i'm not very good at piano. I've got the theory down fine, but my fingers just don't like a piano. It takes me forever to get them to memorize a part, and i'm awful at coordinating them to do different things at the same time. I suppose i could practice more, but there's some things that i just won't do, and that's one of them.
i've played guitar for 5 years and just recently moved into house with a piano, so far i've only learned two songs but the finger shapes for chords and what not are really easy to learn and get the hang of pretty quick. maybe its different because for you but i think the 5 years of experience made it way easier. I can see why some people learn lots of instruments.
I play piano, actually started on piano... I agree, it tends to help you with scales and chords and crap. Chords are pretty easy, most of them can be constructed using the 1-3-5 principal... PM me and I'l send you some basic theory about chord construction and scales and chord progression, really boring stuff but it works.
If i remember correctly major scales
are T-T-S-T-T-T-S where the T stands for tone and the S for semi-tone...
Example C to D is a tone where as C to C# is a semitone... Starting on any note you can construct the scale on that principal... Anyway just practice, unfortunalty practice is the real key...
I'm actually a piano player who plays guitar, so...yeah. Close enough.

That said, learn music theory, learn your chords, practice scales, practice arpeggios. A lot. and if you want more speed/accuracy, try mixing up the rhythms when you do it, instead of just straight eighths/sixteenths/whatever. Try two hands simultaneously. Hell, try two hands simultaneously with a funky rhythm starting the hands at different times. Anything you can do to mix it up, really.

As for songs to start on, you really can't beat the classic stuff. Can't think of anything in particular, but I hear there are sites all over the place that have free classical sheet music.
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My uncle plays both guitar and piano. He never actually learned to play piano just used his knowledge of theory to come up with some really cool piano stuff.
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James Hetfield played piano as his first instrument. I'm pretty sure he played the start of Unforgiven III on piano as well.