I do hobby session work in a studio with an old analog board and ADATs. My buddy and i get a great sound when we use an AT4050 to mic the marshall TSL122, but when we try an SM57, it sounds thin and terrible. Why is it that when the sm57 is the standard in studios everywhere and sound great, it sounds crappy when we try it? FYI, we've tried various on/off axis positions. I don't know, maybe we've missed something. Please help.
this might be really really stupid on my part but could it be out of phase?

EDIT: oh, i didn't know what the at4050 was, still check your phasing but you will get distinctively different sounds between dynamic and condenser. If you're in a studio I'm sure you know but a condenser can't take high SPLs so I hope you're not cranking the amp with the 4050 right in front of it...
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maybe the mic is broken even though they are built very well. try an inch away from the speaker off center about 3 inches and angled slightly to the outer edge of the speaker about 10 degrees. that's where i found my sweet spot
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You should get a good workable sound with a SM57 though you might be hearing phase problems if you are mixing it with the AT. If you are just listening to the 57 and it sounds thin and crappy then it is probably broken. Bread and butter for loud electrics are the 57 and the Sennheiser 421 but Im also getting some great results with the new cheap ribbons. http://www.recording-microphones.co.uk/recording-Polaris.shtml

good luck
are you using phantom power when plugging in the sm57...... ?
also there is such thing as the 57 being a lemon or being defective.
place it off to the side of the cone of the speaker...
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