depends on preferrence
I have an SE Standard and its great
You might be more of a Les Paul type guy or semi-hollow lover
Theyre all good, just hafta go with whats best for you
thats right bro XD, i love the warm sound of the les paul humbucking system
cant afford to buy a les paul right now...and I do not have a dealer in my town =S...

I WAS thinking in getting a PRS, change the tuners and get some nice alnico V humbuckers, what do u think?
I bought the custom for the fret access but the single cut is nice too

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if you wait i bit. you can get a SE Custom 24
i'm gonna buy it when it comes out


or you can pre-order now.
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I was a fan instantly of the PRS SE Custom. I haven't played the singlecut, although I wouldn't imagine that is sound too different. I have had my eye on a PRS SE semihollow for a while and may get one in the near future. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I play an Epi LP and the PRS SE series sounds better than factory Les Pauls (I have had some work done to mine so it sounds better than the SEs now).
so youre saying that a prs se is like a good-middle range les paul?
I had a PRS SE once upon a time. I loved everything about it except the pickups. In fact I hated those pickups so much that I returned it.