This Schecter is essentially brand new. I bought this guitar before I went off to school, but unfortunately I need the money. If you don't know anything about Schecter, I will personally let you know it is an UNBELIEVABLE guitar. Before I bought this guitar I sampled many including Gibsons, Strats, PRS's all at Guitar Center. They were all nice, but for the money this is by far the best bang for your buck. Everyone who I let play the guitar all compliment on the sound, action, look, features. Its just an awesome piece of equipment. No scratches, dings..Nothing....It's perfect. Must sell. I will accept reasonable offers. 500 price range..you guys know what they go for..I am not shipping the guitar but if you near the Northern New Jersey we can work something out.

E-mail: sadel5@student.fdu.edu





I'm thinking on getting one for Christmas. I'm a big user and fan of Schecter. I own the Synyster Gates Custom (well worth the $1000), and I also own the Schecter Damien FR-1 (again, well worth the money.
I'll Check on the pricing ..Why I have strayed away from shipping is just for the fact it is so expensive...but I will check
If anyone in the US is interested let me know..I might be willing to ship..Ill check Overseas..might be too much though..yes the guitar is very unique I always get compliments on it..I just need the money Im crying as I write this btw
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Im crying as I write this btw

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Man up.
bump +infinity! that things a beauty! i wish i had the money though, cause i live in jersey too
ya let me know about shipping to wisconsin, 54935...very interested.