so i'm getting a new amp for christmas, and orginally i was gonna get a vox ad30vt, but the bloke from the store told me they're out of production (which i refuse to beleive) anyway, my dads not got a job no more, so cash is a bit tight right now. i called another store and the guy recommended a laney LX35, which is mucho cheaper.

so i was wondering if there is really any comparison between the two, or whether there's a better alternative.

and just so you know, i'm in auz, so not everything is an option.

I just bought a VOX AD30VT a few months ago, and haven't heard anything recently about them, unless it is just an Australia thing, I'm pretty sure they are still being sold here in the US. If you can get your hands on the VOX I would recommend that.
well, i would say he was lying to you. he was suggesting a cheaper amplifier that you might enjoy. i suggest the better alternative. it has more effects built into it and doesn't have a buzzy sounding distortion. I think you'll be happy with it anyway.