so this here is a piece of **** recording i did, not really a song, just a collection of riffs

it all spawned as a massive joke one day while my drummer and i were jamming. our other friend was over, and while we were playing he runs into the middle of the garage, starts headbanging and starts screaming about his box (which he carried with him on the way over)

so we all start screaming really loud, and i just play the ugliest sounding **** possible.

this is what came from that. some of its pretty... retarded... but there are a few riffs in there that are ok.

tl;dr, its an inside joke

its in my profile, called 'my box'
neat little collection lol.
I like the riff at ~38 seconds. Thats pretty cool sounding, i can hear screaming over that one.
I like the bit at 1:44, that sounded cool.
2:56-3:24 was my favorite part... turn that into a song!! lol

seriously turn that part into a song and ill be the first to crit it.... seriously

if you can, can you crit my song?
its here:
Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.