We are ripping the sails
in the effort to push you to the shore,
but you see mutiny
because the waves are crashing too high.

We are the wind,
ever moving, always breathing.
We are a cycle.
We will return.

Lift your anchors.
You are slowing us down.
Embrace our force.
For if you don't,
the bottom of the sea
is where you and your men shall rest

Atlantis will be crushed by the force in which you plunge,
and we will carry on as you sink.

The sea will finally be free.

EDIT: It appears that its impossible to receive input about a piece of work unless output is given to a someone else's work. I don't feel like I should be obligated to give someone a critique just because I want one. At first sight, this section seemed to be made up of a generous group of people, but it's just a group of people who crave positive comments on poems and songs they already know are good. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I'll keep my work to whom the only person it matters to, myself. Goodbye S&L.
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