So I just picked up my guitar to play. However the cable wouldn't plug in. I looked inside the input jack and saw it was completely shot. The little spring inside sinks to the bottom and moves all around. The jack is not loose or anything, but seems completely broken to me.

I'm not good at describing things so hopefully that gets the idea across. Now I can't play guitar

Is this something that I can fix myself easily? Or will I have to take it to a shop and get it repaired, and if so, how much?
Take a photo and post it here, i dont get what you're saying. Why is there a spring in there? What guitar is it?
Well I'm not sure exactly what to call it or how to describe it <.<. It's an ibanez sz520qm

When you look inside the input like an inch away theres the hole where the amp cable would go in.

Its a little golden circular thing around it that has came off it. That little circular piece rattles around and has came off.

Either way I can't plug a cable in there. If I put the cable in there I can pull up the little hole that the cable should be going into. It's loose, like it came off.
Take it to a shop

And just play unplugged for the meantime
a little lost.....
I'll open up that part and see. But I don't want to mess with anything that's beyond my ability. But I'm wondering if I take it to a shop how much the cost will be.
your worrying about the cost of getting your baby fixed!! you dont deserve to be playing if your worried about how much its going to cost!!
Same exact thing happened to me on my Alexi-200 LTD, I just unscrewed the cavity and noticed that it was pushed back to far, so I lightly pulled on the input and put the cover back on, and it worked great, but came loose again about 3 weeks later, It just happens time to time for me, but it's an easy fix. Might be different in your case, but try it.
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Take it to an authorized Ibanez dealer and get it fixed if your completely unsure.
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Well, I opened up the little screws on top of the input.

I looked in there and moved the input polehold around. I can push it all the way down into the bottom of the guitar, but I immediately pulled it back up so it won't get lost or damaged any worse. Makes me think this thing is completely broken.

So what am I looking at to fix it price wise (money is tight), and do I go to guitarcenter or samash? Thanks.
DO NOT go to guitar centre. I live in the U.K. and even I know guitar centre is a rip off.

Go to a local guitar shop, a small friendly one that will offer a personal and fair priced (and probably better) service.

We need PICTURE if were going to even think about being able to help..