Hey guys,
I'm installing a new Humbucker into my guitar and i got this new roll of solder that my mate stole from school and i was wondering if it would work, like is there different kinds of solder?

Sorry if it's a stupid question.
its the stuff that helps the solder stick to the wire. it cleans the copper and crap to help it stick. it might say on the label of the roll if it is or not. if it doesnt, try melting some and you should see a brown liquid type substance bubble from it.
no!! it won't definately work!! plumber's solder is 50/50 and electrical solder is 60/40 or 63/37
it would probably be electrical but just check because plumber's is no good
TS just pointed out its resin core. This stuff is fine! and since you nicked it from a school im sure it'd be just fine for electronics.
I always use flux anyway, even if its flux core solder - maybe overkill but it gives you more confidence of getting a clean joint.

Edit: How thick is it? If its thin its most likely electrical solder. If it seems really thick then its probably plumbing solder. Not that I ever realised there was a difference in conductivity before but meh
thats pretty thin - you should be fine. But get some flux from your local hardware/DIY store - or your dad probably has some