I poped a fuse tonight and decided to take my amp board out and check safetys from being alitle old. I've read some stuff about changing the resistance when changing tubes wich I have done. I run an external custom power plug that is routed through a small resistance board that I made wich enables turn nob resistance add/delete for playing different music types, most for heavey=more resistance so it calms the amp down and vise versa for going clean. I'm not an amp god and really haven't messed with it much beside the external stuff wich I mainly installed as a 2ndary standby/warmup for the tubes so it can pump half power then full standby and full on for a 3 stage warmup, I want to keep my tubes for a while so I take care of them.

I don't really look around on the net and have to use my sidekick phone for the net until I get my comp parts to get it back together and its easier just to ask questions. Are there any just all around rebuild/referbish amp kits? I'm not lookin forward to an volt meter and couple days or soddering if there's just some standard kit for quick replacements. Its only a fender tube with 12" celest speaker running with 4 outboard 16 inch "solid" state speakers for a nice solid/tube feel, wich is ran through the output to a audio reciever for the outside speakers. I've never poped a fuse with this amp so for safety I'm going to check it out anyways and do some cleaning, I had ran across the idea of chaning the resistance for the tubes alittle more sence my alternate outside power/resistance is basically just resistance for the audio lines to play with the audio output and power to prewarm the board before going standby for the tubes. It could just be an poped board sodder or a crossed wire that may have caused the fuse to go as it was a brand new fuse, and its not a power problem or power source.
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