So when it comes to recording tunes what do people tend to do?

Do you record the drums first so you can keep in time when recording the rest?
or record chords first then put drums to it?

I'm finding it hard to stay in time

I record a basic drum beat (sometimes a more complicated one) then lay down whatever I've got - rhythm guitar, melody, bass line. Then build up parts add and subtract mix alter - generally try to find the song and then tweak everything including the drum line to bring everything together.

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
First of all, I record everything to a minimum of a click track, or at least a drum
track/loop at the right tempo. If you don't do that, it's going to be nearly
IMPOSSIBLE for the whole thing to hang together.

For rhythm, I'll generally record a loop or perhaps a few different versions.

For bass, I do the same. What I do now is just play it with my guitar and detune it
12 steps.

For the solo, I play it over a looping example of the drums, rhythm and bass. I record
a number of different tracks.

Then, I do a final mix and edit. The original tracks are just raw material. Depending
what I want to do, the final version could sound completely different. Usually
I'm just taking the best parts of the solos and cutting & pasting them together
and using envelopes and adding different drum loops to parts. Pretty simple edits
with the right software. Since generally I'm not aiming for anything perfect, most
of the stuff I do is 1 take and I can get something pretty good done
start to finish in about 1-2 hrs.
cool i'll try that method

-drum beat

then to whack chords/lead rhythm over the top

I shall see where I get to.

I haven't got a tune as yet but ive got some chords that sound nice - thought i'd loop them and jam over the top and see what pops out.

probably a number one hit i should think