I have kind of a random question, that maybe a few people can relate to.

Okay, first of all, if this should be in a certain thread, please just tell me, and dont report me, and i'll figure out how to delete the whole thing.

Anyway, yeah... Here's what's up.

I'm dating this girl, she's kinda emo/punk, and ****, and she seems really cool and ****, but today I found out how picky she is. I told her I'm going to cut my hair REALLY SHORT (Like... either #1 or #2 grade clipper guard, all over) and she got all pissed, and she damn near threw a fit. She slapped me, and threatened to break up with me.


As much as it may seem like it right now, this is NOT relationship question.

---------END DISCLAIMER---------

So anyway, what I want to know, is how can I get her to lighten up about it? She's really a great person, and I love her. I've tried explaining that hair grows back, and also, that I plan to let it grow after i get it cut short, and leave it long (Which I really do) but she wont calm down. Any advice?

Again, if this is in the wrong place, just let me know kindly, and I'll take this wherever it needs to go. In my opinion, this ISNT a relationship question, but if it is considered one, let me know. Thanks.
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Tell her your cutting it whether she likes it or not and if she bitches then break up with her and tell her you'll find someone else who isn't so immature and appearance oriented.

You've already explained to her your gonna let it grow back.

I can't stand people like that, regardless of gender or how 'hawt' and cool they are.
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poon comes first. don't cut it.

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If shes threatening to break up with you over a haircut she must be fairly superficial.
Try to remind that she's meant to like you and not just your hair.
Ditch the bitch for sure, or continue to be her bitch
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it is a relationship, just not a sexual one.
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