Hey guys. i'm an intermediate-advanced player that is looking for an upgrade from my ibanez rg170dx. i am looking for a guitar that preferably has a locking trem. I play metal like lamb of god, disturbed, trivium, soad, etc and am looking for a guitar suitable for that style. My budget is around the $1000 aus dollar mark, max of around 1.4 (preferably lower). I LUV EMG HUMBUCKERS ASWELL.

So please reccommend as many as you can!

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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.
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billy hyde is selling jackson dk2m's for $999 au

+1 sort of, but not from BH. Get a dinky from somewhere else preferably 2nd hand, I have seen them retail cheaper elsewhere
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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According to my Kosmic Sound catalogue you can get a PRS SE Custom for $1300 if you can afford extra. If not get an Ibanez SAS36FM for $999. You can also get a Fender Standard Strat HSS for $869.
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i also play metal..heavy stuff yeh, and ive got the ibanez rgr420ex, its a new model (wen i say that i mean start of this year) and its awesome..kosmic sound in perth are selling it for $795 which is $200 off =]
The only recommendation for a guitar is one you like, one you enjoy playing and one you like the sound of...

Simple Really

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^ +1

though u might wanna rethink what active pickups in general do. cos all of them make the same tone... unless u wanna sound like the other players who use EMG's then go for it.

ESP's are good/ only guitars with EMG's under $1000

EDIT : I think....

i dont really look for guitars with EMG's/ active pups
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high end schecters are really good... ex: the Devil Custom. it ain't that expensive, but its very very good...
Could probably get a Gibson SG for that if you really pushed it but the neck tends to be heavier than the body!