What I want is a pedal that can copy the tone (fat lead tone with quite a bit distortion) from my Line 6 POD as identically as possible, and generate it one octave above or below. Thereby I'll get the effect of two guitars simultaneously playing the same melody (single notes) in two different octaves.

Which pedal can do this best?

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How about use the function on the Pod? My XT Live has quite a few octave effects available.
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if you can't do what exo suggested, one of the best octave up/down pedals is the comparitavely new Electro-Harmonix micro-POG. which has the ability to mix in your signal either an octave up, and octave down, or both.
EHX HOG of course.

If you don't want to pay out the ass, look at the EHX Micro Pog or Octave Multiplexer.


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