Started this a few days ago, lemme know what you think.
Kind of influenced by In Flames (Sountrack to your escape era) .
Untitled thing.zip
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I like the first page alot.
except for the part where there's no guitar in it. that part gets boring so quickly, it lasts too long imo. it is bad for the song I think. it loses it's power there for a part when building up. maybe put a guitar riff over it?

After the first page when you start with the chords is gets repetative after a while. yes I know music is often repetative. but some diversity there would do no harm like some arpeggio
something like
----5^6^5 ------
---7-------- 7----
-------------------- (repeat)

jeh I know it doesn't look like a tab but use your imagination ;p.

but it has a very good sound and tuning. just try to make it less repetative. and it will be awesome.
I'll give it an 8.5 . let me know if you change stuff then I'll have a look =)

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Thanks man, i see where you are coming from, i think i will put something over the top of the just the bass + drums the second time round, the first time is a nice contrast imo. And yea that arpeggio thing could work awesome! I will mess around with it.

Just listening to yours in a minute mate.
I agree with BackDownBitch where he says the part with no guitar got pretty old after a while. I also thought instead of both guitars doing chord progressions you could have rhythm doing the chords while lead does a melodic lead over it. I think if you did that it would definitely hook the listener a lot better. After a while even though the chords changed they got a bit stale, which again, could be easily remedied with more "lead-ish" guitar part. Overall though I still really dug this song, lots of great ideas in it. (Oh and I wish I could do drums on Guitar Pro like you)

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1019617
Nicely done song here. Definite In Flames influence, especially around bar 54. Also do I detect a bit of Amon Amarth?

About the bit with no guitar, I'm guessing that was intended for a vocals part. If you spice up the bass part it could sound good, there's no need to have guitars all through the song. Think Borders and Shading by In Flames-They have parts in there with no guitars, in GP it sounds a bit boring, but as soon as you add vocals it sounds much better. Just my opinion there.
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Haha, yes, i do love Amon Amarth.
Yea there may be some vocal parts later on.
Thanks for the kind words and crits guys!
Well my first post on UG forums so here goes.

It's great

As mentioned it has a definite STYE feel to it with other melodic influences, even without a vocal line it works very well. Great riff and chorus I think, well done.
the chorus was the best part.
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