I started this one in the summer but it's still not done yet, so i thought i'd put some pics up of my progress.

Basically i got a musicman SUB bass body routed for a neck pickup and cut (badly) for a side jack, plus a seymour duncan basslines MM pickup, a status MM pickup, black pearl pickguard cut for the dual pickups and a set of cheapy chrome tuners for £100 from a forumite on basschat, which to me seemed a good deal.

I then bought an OLP MM2 neck + pickup + control plate + passive electronics + tuners for £57 shipped off ebay. Here's all of that + a cheap MM style bridge i got off ebay and some screws and stuff i ordered.

First i had to drill all the holes for the neck because none of them lined up, though the neck was a decent fit, it wasn't pefect and there was probably a 2-3mm gap at the bottom of the neck pocket, but with 6 bolts in it, it's not going anywhere. Also someone had routed it to take the little ferrules like a G&L rather than a neck plate.

Easy enough

The bridge was a bit of a bitch to fit because although it did come with the chrome anchor bolts, they didn't fit the anchors in the body because one was metric and the other was imperial, but i forget which was which. Anyways, after a bit of hunting i managed to get a couple of bolts that fit, not the prettiest things in the world but they did the job.

Installing the pickups was also a bit of a task because i couldn't get any MM type springs so i had to use foam, which was fairly tough, on the first attempt i rounded a couple of screws so i ended up having to cut the foam in half and do it again, they went in in the end, i just don't want to have to do it again, it took ages by hand! The wiring was pretty simple though.

So it's been like this for a couple of months now and it really does sound good, (i've even been confident enough to gig it) but i got a bongo preamp for it recently with stacked knobs and all. Somebody already installed a battery box on the back so i think they must have installed a 3 band preamp at some point, or were planning on it, though the bongo preamp is 18V so i'm going to need to buy and fix a second battery box. Also the pots on the bongo preamp are spaced differently to the OLP ones so i need a new control plate. Simms custom want £34 to make a plastic one, so i'm going to buy a sheet of black pickguard material from axesrus for £10 and make a pickguard for my jazz bass too because i don't like tort much. The screwholes on the OLP one don't line up with the original holes either so i'm going to copy the one on my original SUB bass and at least that should fit. Pics of that later when i find my camera lead.

Also i plan on sanding down the whole neck including headstock, laquering the headstock with some kind of logo and finishing the neck in gunstock oil as they do on stingrays and fitting chrome machine heads. The chrome ones i have are 4 in a line though so i need to find one backwards one. I've found a few, but none singly