Hey peeps i recently discovered an awesome unsigned band playing in Watford at 'The Flag' that gave me hope for the future! There a cool rock band that also fuses jazz/punk/funk which is awesome

I personally think they will be signed soon. None of this pop crap!

Check em out at


Please send me links to other cool unsigned bands ]


Good rock band out of KC...Red Line Chemistry.

Check 'em out

EDIT: Another good band that is actually signed, that I think will be making it big soon is Crooked X. A young band out of Oklahoma...the oldest is 15.

Crooked X
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Samadhi Vibe. They are from the Chicago area and they play blues/funk/reggae/jam band stuff.

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damn you have some good stuff where you are. but i guess if they're one of the 2 good ones, then you're not too lucky.

yea lol not many bands near me are very good or at least good to me anyway.
These used to be my favorite local bands but one broke up and one relocated:



Now we just have this kinda stuff


We have one good band though which is like progressive rock/reggae and hopefully my new band will be un****ty.
Chris Knight. He's a pretty damn good Americana artist who's starting to make a name for himself. I think he's actually on an indie label and not unsigned but he's worth mentioning.
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It's way too sunny and warm here today to listen to black metal, I shall bookmark it and come back when the weather is worse.
Check out Insane Parsnip


I saw them play at a local battle of the bands. They are the most original band i've ever seen, especially coming out of the country. Their track on myspace probably wont give any indication of how great they are. It's easily their worst song, most of their other stuff is far more up-beat. Just hang around for some new tracks . But don't miss any chance to catch them live if you live in Victoria, Australia. They put on an incredible live show.
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