Goodday to you reader.
I was looking over the internet
information about amplifiers and I found that here was a Slash Signature Amp
I was wondering : Who has this amp and can you tell me more about it
I suggest making a review if that's possible.
Thank you
and i heard that there are only 3000
Some day i want to hear one in the place i'm standing
So if anyone wants to have a meeting some day
But now i'm just 16 years old, so I ain't going travel easily from country to country
but I'd like to be kept in touch with you and hope we can be good friends

Thanks for reading
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The amp is actually not a JCM 800, it is based on the Jubilee. It sounds very similar to a JCM 800 with more available gain. Nice amp, hard to come by. Someone is selling one with the original snakeskin cabinet on my local craigslist for $2500. Man I wish I had $2500.