hi i'm stuck i dont know what amp to get i use a bc rich mocking bird st but i dont know what amp to get im using a yamaha GA-10 i also use a zoom g2.1u. i play loads of diffrent types of music so i need a amp which can do them and sound good.

i don't want to spend over £400. the nearest city is Swansea I'm OK with second hand as long as its only cosmetic damage. i like playing metal like Pantara, Black Sabbarth and disturbed but i also like playing RHCP, Eric Clapton , velvet revolver, guns n roses, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, muse and pink floyd. i also play jazz, blues and some times classical pieces and theme tunes like the godfather and tetras. the amp will more and likely be just for practices but could be used for gigging. i also do prefer the sound of tube amps than those digital amps like those line 6 amps which i just hate.
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What's your budget? Will you be using it for gigging or just practice?

no sense any of us even trying to guess without knowing those things.

And 'loads of different types of music' is pretty broad. For example, do you play jazz, blues, country, rock, classic rock, stoner rock, thrash metal, metalcore, death metal, and folk?

Closest major city and your feelings toward used gear will help too.