I've recently bought a Line 6 Vetta II and have been wanting to hook it up to my PC for a while. The problem is I'm not sure what lead I'd need or the sort of software I'd need for recording from it. I'm quite certain it works like the Pods but I can't be entirely sure.

If anyone could help me out here, I'd be extremely grateful.



This is a link to what the back panel looks like with all the ports it has.
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I know very little about these amps and I couldn't read what all the various interfaces were on the back of amp as show in that link, but man it looks like you have a ton of options. Also, sorry, I didn't bother to got to Line6 web site either.

I was looking for USB which would be the easiest I would think and you may have a USB 1.0 interface on there - can't tell. Looks like you also have XLR and Midi ports as well as standard line out ports.

So, in a nutshell, I would look for device (codec) to convert one of these interfaces up above to USB (vs mic or line in) on PC. That would be good if you just want to record strait from amp to PC. There are tons of decent software programs you can get too like GuitarRig, Sony Acid, Peavey Revalver. Actually, what I would do is just get Audacity for now to get started. Its legally free and easy to use. Then, you can always buy something better later on.

HOWEVER, what work best if you really want to do it right is to get a preamp box like a Toneport or M-Audio and then decent microphone like a Shure57 and mike your amp up so you get all the cool tonal aspects of your amp and speakers. That's what I would recommend.

Sorry for wall of text. Also, ask over in the Riffs and Recordings forum - as those guys are experts on this stuff. Good luck.

Edit: Actually, I think GuitarRig and Revalver are modelling software only not recording software. You only need recording software so get Audacity for now.
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