Ok guys can you please recommend me some guitars that i can buy in the 500-700 pound price range.

I've been looking at the schecter hellraiser c-1 and the ibanez RG 1570 and cant make my mind up. If you think other guitars are better please say so i can go and try them out

Thanks for any help given
What are your preferences

What music do you play

What bands do you like

jacksons, ibanezes for metal...schecters are a little less capable and less good in the quality department (IMO) than jacksons and ibanezes. i d say ibanez for more virtuoso metal stuff or jackson for heavier tighter chugier metal.
I like a lot of heavy metal and play a lot of stuff like gojira and meshuggah, but also something which can give me a very warm and full tone for playing joe satriani and steve vai type stuff.

So i would like quite a bit of versatility

the ibanez i specified uses factory pickups and i dont really know much about them are they any good? Would they match brands like emg, sym. duncan or DiMarzio pickups?