I'm sick and tired of people who weren't even alive for half of the Pepper's albums calling them overrated. People have so far as to say that they aren't even real musicians. So we can't consider frusciante a musician who knew how to play hendrix songs when he was like 8 years old or flea who played jazz trumpet before he picked up a bass. People need to understand that just because they are popular doesn't make the shiite. Their music from the 80's and early 90's was groundbreaking and they pretty much created their own genre of music. They also participate in amazing side projects as well (ie Mars Volta, Ataxia). People need to get their heads outta their asses and recognize talent and not just put them down for being in the top 40 and because their 10 yr old sister owns the newest album. Ok Im done ranting...any thoughts?
lolz, I think The Chillis are good but I think John Frusciante is over-rated. Fleas a good bassist and Chad Smith ain't bad on the drums, but they make good music which is all that really matters
The thing about RHCP is that they make really mature music. They're kinda to good for the general public. Musicians can appreciate them, but normal people usually just don't get it. Often, it takes a combination of dumbing down and complexity to make great music. Take AC/DC for example. They have some of the mosic simple and easy guitar hooks ever, then Angus comes in with these musically complex solos that blows minds. It takes compromise.
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My opinion is the flea dude is an awesome bassist, the guitarist is awesome at what he does, the drummer is average and the singer dude is pretty good. =)

Not a fan but what makes the band is their songs.
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Red Chili Hot Peppers?


ahh, a true fan

haha, but seriously, I love them too
Grow up, life is gonna be full of people who dont see your point of view or agree with it, i happen to think they suck you dont, thats it, it doesnt go any deeper than that.
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