Its mainly a poem for now.....im going to try and make it into a song

Ive been stepped on. Pushed around. Beatin in. Broken down.
Ive been cheated. Fornafide. Hypocrits telling lies.
The pain thats in a life. A missing rythym in the rhyme.
Now turn the page in my life. Starting over. Testify

and now im stuck...im not the best writer...lol. Actually i pretty much stink at it. :p
I agree with J.Force.
It's hard to just write a song for the heck of it.
Normally it's easier if there's an inspiration.
For example, think of all the times you've been pushed around etc, then write about it.
You'll come up with something eventually.

As for it so far, I like it a lot.
Very catchy.