I finally got my ESP LTD EC-50.

My only gripe is that occasionally the low E and A strings buzz. It only happens once in a while when I'm playing hard, but I would like to fix it if possible. The neck is straight, so do I have to raise the bridge a little? I also heard that replacing the strings could help? If I do raise the action, how much should I raise it? Do I only raise the one side of the bridge?

Thanks in advance.

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Comeon, 63 views and no replies? >_> It's not that difficult of a question...

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You can't quote yourself.
Start off by raising just the one side of the bridge a little bit at a time and then playing to see if it fixes the problem. If that doesn't seem to fix the problem then there's a possibility it might be one of the frets that needs to be sanded down. If raising the action doesn't help I'd take it to someone and get it looked at to see if it is the frets or something else.
Yeah raise the action slightly if it doesnt help then take it to a pro is my best advice. Make sure you retune though as your tuning will be off slightly

EDIT: Prolly raise it at quarter to half turns and see if you notice a difference
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Try strings first before changing the action. A lot of times this is all it takes to get rid of buzzing. And fresh strings sound and feel soo damn nice!