I was wondering what kind, if any, some of the various parts of the solo in the song "jordan" were based on. Some parts seem to be almost completely random, but others seem like they might have some basis in scales. Thanks for any help whatsoever.
don't try to understand. its goddamn buckethead
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A little bit uses minor pentatonic, and I think some parts are in the natural minor. Other than that I'm pretty sure he just hits random ass notes lol.
Soothsayer is mostly minor IIRC. Alot of his songs use fairly basic scales and such, but he plays them weird. I'd just look at some of his other songs to find some scales common in them.
eh buckethead knows all scales to well if u can play like he dose(and not get paid) you have no-life
yes, they're all in scale, every note he plays is in scale, but he plays alot of 3 note per string scales, and often uses atleast 2 in a solo cuz he's cool like that, but rest assured, every note is in a basic scale, this ones all in a minor scale.
In some of the crazy tapping parts in jordan he is using tritones.
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Perhaps Aeolion scales, or natural minor pentatonic.

R - 2 - b3 - 4 - 5 - b6 - 7 - R

You forgot the minor seventh. What is natural minor pentatonic?
A lot of his faster "random" stuff like this is based around odd intervocalic ideas. There was one lick I found that was based on 7(b5) arpeggios, played in a unusual order (i think it was root-flat fifth-third-flat seventh) which resolved into each other (I think it was F7(b5) to Bb7(b5) to Eb7(b5) to Ab9(b5) )
Buckethead likes anything fast enough to sound complicated.
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