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just got my bass neck, and i went to put my Hipshot BT4 on it and found it doesn't fit. the only reason it doesn't fit is because there are two small metal protrusions on the side that touches the headstock.
There are no screw holes, because it attaches by a screw threaded bushing.

What's the function of these and how can i make the Hipshot and the headstock compatible?
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Watch this video

Hmm, there should be screw holes on the base plate...
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yeah it said that on the instructions but i couldn't find one.
cheers for the video though, i'll give it a look
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ah right.
so how should i make holes in my headstock to be able to fit it?

They usually penetrate the wood by themselves, whist you screw the threads together.

Don't hold me to this though.
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Nice camera, good resolution on those photos.

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Those pins are supposed to bite into the wood, to prevent it rotating. Most machine heads have locating pins like that.

I think...

I've never seen anything like that before, but that sounds right to me anyway...