I realize this is a small budget but it's all I can do. I'm looking for an acoustic for 150 or less. No more. I know this isn't much but could I get something good for the price? I'm not going to be playing any gigs or anything. Just a guitar around the house.

I was looking at the Jasmine S34C, and what's the difference between the Epi DR-100 and the Epi AJ-1?
there is a thread for acoustic guitars under 300$, you should check it out..
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i got a very nice Brunswick acoustic from amazon, shop around :P
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Quote by Sikhart
there is a thread for acoustic guitars under 300$, you should check it out..

...I did. All are out of my price range of 150.
My fender squier was $150 and it is really nice for the price. It has decent harmonics and is a pretty loud guitar.
150 bucks? Dude im sorry but really theres not very many decent guitars at all around that price range.
I own a Hohner HW200.. its a student guitar, but im sure you could find some under 150. mine was.. and after 7 years, it sounds wonderful
If you absolutely cannot go up to $200 to get the Yamaha FG700S, then I would look at Epiphone over Takamine. Please do understand that for only $50 more you can get the Yamaha FG700S which is honestly twice as good of a guitar for only $50 more dollars.

As I said, if you really just can't get the extra $50, then I would go with Epiphone. They aren't anything great, but in my experience, the ultra cheap Epiphones tend to sound a little better than the ultra cheap Takamines (Jasmines). What you should really do is try before you buy, though.
I play a Hohner HC 06 and its pretty good... Im a beginner so I haven't tried many but its perfect for my level, i dont know what yours is...
honestly im not being a snob or anything, but for acoustics i would definitely just wait little while and save up for somehting closer to $300. for acoustics construction quality is MUCH more important than electrics. and for around $150, its almost garanteed that some time down the line you are gonna want something better.
I like Alvarez but for a low budget I bought a Jasmine by Takamine S - 34 C. Witch you should be able to pick up for 100 to 130 and its realy not a bad guitar for the money. And the cutaway gives you the option of playing about any song you want.
Get an epiphone pr-150, natural finish is $99 and sounds amazing for the price, has a very thin neck, nice finish, and doesn't have high action.