Hey UG!

I've been playing for oh, a couple months or so....and so my question is hopefully based within a realistic 'level' for me.

I identified an 'uncomfortable' fingering challenge that I'm currently working on - however, by doing so it's causing a bi-product that is becoming beyond annoying.

When I practice the following at 60BPM (1 note per tick) using index-ring fingers only

By the time I reach e I can hear the rest of the strings still ringing. Now I have slowed this down to almost timelessness (30bpm - 1 note per tick) and no matter how many times I try, when my first finger comes off the string will have an ever slight ring to it (practicing with heavy distortion - if using acoustic this is not an issue).

I have watched FreePower's vids (hat's off to ya FP!) and am trying to use the technique...but when my index finger is having to move around and play the notes, I can't use it to mute the previous strings.

I then began trying to use my right hand to mute the 4/5/6 strings...but considered this too close to anchoring at my stage and stopped.

But now it's becoming so annoying I find myself preferring to practice without being plugged in...and I can already see where that's leading - me thinking in a yr I sound great only to plug in and hear, well, a mess.

I hope that makes sense. I appreciate any hints/tips/reading material/threads that you guys/gals are aware of. In the meantime, I'll try doing this at .5 BPM and see if I can figure out where I'm failing.

Basically when you play the 7 its fine, then when you play the 5 its fine, but when you take your finger off the 5 you get a buzzing/ background humming noise? if this is the case you are moving your index finger not directly up and off the string (like you should) but slightly at an angle and therefore brushing the string and creating buzz. There is no need to mute any string. Practise slow and taking your finger off the 5 directly up from the fretboard without making noise.
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Try moving the entire exercise up a position to 8 and 6 and see if that stops the ringing. You might be letting the natural harmonics ring when you try and mute the strings. Mute them somewhere else or with your right hand if this is the issue. If the strings are still ringing at 6 and 8, you are pulling off the strings instead of just removing your finger as you should be. Try being a little less aggressive if that's the issue, and don't allow yourself to push forward through the exercise until the strings stop ringing.
^ What Charlie said. What you're doing will be useful when doing rapid pull-offs, but when you don't want it to ring out again, concentrate on pulling your finger straight up and away. As long as you have in your mind what good guitar playing sounds like (which it seems you do), then your technique and sound will become what you want.
I'll be damned.... after reading your responses I thought to myself, "Bahh, that can't be it. Must be the guitar, fretboard, string size, amp, wires, humidity or perhaps something astrological causing this."

So I decided to be a kook and bust out the camcorder to record my practice, zooming in on my fingers from the angle of someone watching me....then I played it at 80bpm, like I normally would practice, just ignoring the WRETCHED ringing building up in the background.

Jacked the camcorder in the pc, snagged a mountain dew, kicked back and pressed play.

SOB if you guys didn't nail it!

I'm not LIFTING my index finger from string 5 to 4, I'm sliding off the string! The other thing this caused (as seen by instant replay..haha) is my index finger is actually pressing down the next string (4) at an angle! So there's a tendency to bend the note as well as when coming off slowly the string is auto-rubbed even if I lift straight off!....if that makes any sense at all.

Argh... A habit probably learned within the first 5 minutes of running a scale at the music store when I bought my guitar...haha

Thanks UG! It's nice when I just need to re-learn a month's worth of practice...
Wow...just to add one additional thing I noticed causing this. I was holding the guitar at an angle so I could visually see all the frets. By doing this my fingers were coming from an angle to begin with.

Amazing what a quick 15second clip of practice can show ya! hahah....

Good job, you found a bad habit and wiped it out. Keep doing that and you'll be fine
One thing I've learned from guitar, is that the technique required to get different sounds is so sensitive, the difference in feel is so slight, that the only way to become solid is to completely drill the good habits into your playing. Learn to recognize bad habits right away, and keep practicing the good. Get your hands' muscle memory running like a fine-tuned machine. It's like when you start learning to sweep, you have to start very slow, but still do it the exact same way at 40bpm that you'll do at 400bpm, if that makes sense