Hi, I recently bought the Deluxe HSS which has a DH-1 humbucker in the bridge (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-American-Deluxe-Stratocaster-HSS-Electric-Guitar-102547841-i1146719.gc). It sounds great with my DRRI amp, and the gt-10.

I am thinking of replacing the bridge humbucker with something else better. I am thinking of Seymour Duncan JB Jr Pickup (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seymour-Duncan-JB-Jr-Pickup-300500-i1127478.gc)

I've never done that before. Can anyone give me suggestions/hints/tips? Someone on the net said, that the S-1 switching on the Deluxe HSS will make it difficult to replace the humbucker. I am getting nervous

Thanks much in advance.
First off, a JB jr. is a single coil-size pickup. A regular JB would work better, you wouldnt have to replace the pickguard. And I do think the S-1 will complicate things, but there should be a wiring diagram on the Fender site.
A JB is too treble-y for a strat IMO. For Duncan I'd look at a Custom Custom or a Pearly Gates And for Dimarzio something like a Norton or a Breed Neck model (but use it in the bridge).

Edit: What kind of tones are you after? I aimed those suggestions at Classic Rock-Hard Rock
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I play mostly classic rock, and soft rock, but not heavy metal. But, I am trying to replace the stock bridge pickup with something else that can give me crunchy sound, more sustain and harmonics, mostly for rythms. I like to use the single coil positions for my lead, as it is more clean. But at times, I can use humbucker for lead too.

Is there a video somewhere that shows the step by step instruction on how to do it? The last thing I want to have is messing up my $1K guitar, the most I have ever paid thus far.

So, I guess one these guys will be more appropriate for my HSS then:



Thanks for your inputs.