Jackson DKMG.
Crate v50.

Even though i have heard equally good and bad things about that amp, i tried it myself, and its actually seems good compared to my practice amp.

BUT FIRST: can someone tell me if theres anything i should see before i purchase these? anything that might make me change my mind and buy that "something"? hmm

try to stay within price range ($1ooo US) and also i play metal.
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$1ooo as in $1,000? Dude you can do MUCH better for the Crate V50 for a grand. What guitar do you currently have that you want to change it to a Jackson? Also answer the questions in blue in my sig (just the ones you havent already
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Personally I'd say spend more on the amp and less on the guitar, but it's sort of preference at that point.
Maybe a Schecter something and then the good ol' Randall RG50TC?
You're gonna need a stompbox to get a good metal tone out of that amp....good amp though
i dunno about that amp, but try looking at marshall's distortion pedals. i have the guv'nor, and its basically a jcm800 in a box. the jackhammer is a lot more metal, and the bluesbreaker is more, well, blues.
You should be happy with the Jackson for sure, the Crate V series amps are hit and miss though. When I bought my first V18, it made awful noises when you would adjust the volume, and it sounded like it was gonna blow the speaker out of the front of the amp when switching the standby switch to on. I returned it and traded in on a V-33 Head. Bigger mistake. Sounded like mud, no way to brighten it up, and the volume went from nothing to load as crap. So, I returned it, and tried one more time, I got another V-18. Lo and behold, it sounded amazing. I have some pics of the head I built out of it on my page. I'm not so sure I would go with another V series though, because of all the trouble I had to get a good one.