does the zune 4g digital media player work on mac- here it is-
i know it is a windows player, but some things work on macs like a thumb drive or something. has anyone done this,? and if it does work can u use it with itunes and put itunes videos on it?

i have an osx 10.3.9 mac
I don't see why not..

Even if it doesn't sync with your media players on Mac, open it up like a storage device and drag your music in there.
I'm pretty sure the zune 3.0 software is not compatible with mac. Also, wouldn't you need mac drivers in order to make it work?

Edit: here is a site that has some info about mac compatibility. Looks like a little work, but if you want it that bad, it is plausible.
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Get a Sansa Clip or Fuze 4gb..
Clip just for music and Fuze if you want video too.
I have the clip, love the little guy
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