so i ran across this 12-string electric some guy wants to trade me. its made by jay turser, but its not a recent model. its older. has a set neck, where the new ones appear to be all bolt ons. so i assume its at least a decent quality. anyone have/delt with any jay turser instruments? is this thing worth roughly $400 in trade? it apears to be a gibson SG knock off, but im not too sure on overall quality....
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i think ive played this exaxct one in a store. maybe not w/ a set neck, but a jay turser SG 12 string, and it was decent. i mean, its not top notch, but it played well. honestly, i think the price in this case is whether you want it or not. if you have doubts, dont get it.
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well, i dont own a 12 string. i like the versatility of having lots of different types of guitars to play, and with my band i can see us finding a use for it. however i was trying to trade/sell my halfstack(fender roc pro 1000) that i cannot practice with, or transport easily for a smaller giggable combo. im not even using this amp, it sits in my apt and i put the volume on .5 when i do feel like messing around with it, but mostly collects dust. so i have a backup amp i currently use. the only other replies ive had on the amp are either low ballers, someone who wants to buy just the cab, or head, and this guy whos tryin to trade me his line 6 spider III 212 plus some cash. ive never really played a 12 string electric, acoustic yes, but the thought of an electric one with effects and whatnot kinda excite me, im not gonna lie. i just dont wana take a huge hit on this and end up with a wal-mart quality guitar.