There is no comfort in this subject. If you find yourself "ok" at a middle school show you are a pedophile. For last night was my little brothers middle school show and it was a good show. I dont know why, but somebody decided to tape up 10 rows of chairs. There were about 50-75 people standing in a little cramped space at the entrance to the auditorium. The hall ways were packed. After 20 minutes of standing somebody finally decided to take the tape down and let everybody sit in a chair. Keep in mind Im a fat ass. My mother is a little big to. We are practically sitting on top of each other the whole show. And the chairs were made out of hard ass painful wood. That's not the worst part of the show.

Except for the band the audio was horrible. The teacher in the group never turned the mikes up.For most of the singers there was a piano score that just was too loud. It's kinda like when you are at band practice and the bassist is playing really loud. You just wanna shove your hand into his brain and pull it out. Then turn the amp down. Same here goes for this "bitchy pregnant lady" My brother told me that.

I am 17 and my brother's age group is the 13-14 range. I went into the show with the thought that there would be a bunch of cute little kids singing cute little songs. Oh God was I wrong. It will never not amaze me how a 13 year old child can look like a 18 year old adult magazine star. A soloist singer caught my eye. A very pretty blond girl who could sing like Aretha Franklin in her prime. Man my hormones started kicking. If not for the known knowledge that it was a middle school show, I would have thought she was 18, 19 years old. She was packing heat to this thing. The cute little dress that showed most of her legs and the... the... then I felt like a pedophile. It made me so uncomfortable for the whole night. I just wanted to look at little Jako and scream die for the night. For 15 minutes I was a freaky weird sexual predator you would catch on tv being grilled by Oprah.

To make matters worse, actually better not worse, there was a retard. THis kid that was rolled up to the stage on two separate occasions by his father, just sat there by the chorus and smiled and yelled and twitched. It made me happy. He was so happy. A girl handed him a tambourine and for 3 measures of a song he was in beat. I smiled at that because it was either watch the hot girl and be a pedophile or watch the retard. Ill let you guess which one I chosen.

I need a shower now. Reminisce.
WTF?!?!? that was wierd and gave me the goosebumps!
*goes to take a shower*
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silly racist bitch finally kicked the bucket


it's about rape, right?
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it's about rape, right?


Jako215 is a paedo
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silly racist bitch finally kicked the bucket

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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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